Friday, May 23, 2014

Think Yourself Fit

Do you struggle to stick to an exercise program or to eat healthy?  If you do, it may be more in your mind rather than your body.  Living a healthy lifestyle is also a state of mind, not just a physical activity.

Before you begin your next fitness journey, try some of these things to get your brain in sync with what your body wants to do so you can stick to it this time.  (Believe me, I know we all have good intentions and then a lot of times give up on ourselves.)

1.  Write down your reasons for exercise.  Make a list.  What is your motivation?  What do you want out of it?  Be completely honest with yourself. 

2.  Set challenging but achievable goals.  Write down your ULTIMATE goal and then write down mini goals that you can reach along the way to your ultimate goal.  Reward yourself each time you reach a mini goal!

3.  Learn to self-talk.  There will be days when you don't feel like exercising.  Days you want to give up.  You need to counter that negative self-talk with positive, persuasive arguments.  Tell yourself you CAN do it.  Refer back to your motivation and goals and be positive about reaching those goals.  While working out, keep repeating to yourself, "I can do this!"...sounds silly, but it helps SOOOO much!

4.  Stay focused while working out.  Whether you or at the gym, swimming, running or doing a workout DVD, stay in the moment.  Don't let your mind wander to the dishes at home in the sink or the errands you need to run later.  Focus.  Keep sight of what you are doing.

5.  Don't get stuck in a rut, mix it up.  Change up your exercise routines.  Try new things.  Walk one day.  Do a DVD one day.  Swim one day.  Keep it interesting.  

6.  Use positive visualization.  Picture yourself working out before you actually do it.  

7.  Congratulate yourself after your workout.  Reflect on what you achieved. 

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