Sunday, June 8, 2014

Our New Chore Chart - It's actually working!!!

I will admit, I'm HORRIBLE when it comes to making my kids do chores.  But the problem is, I really want them to do them.  Not just because I think they should do chores, but because I NEED the help.  There are 6 people and 3 dogs living in my house and I can't keep up with everything.  It's just impossible.

I've tried all kinds of systems, and I hate to admit, but I'm the one who didn't keep up with the systems.  Yeah....bad mommy... :(

Anyway, so one day I'm shopping at Target (one of my favorite places of all time) for a white board for my Beachbody business so I can keep track of what I'm doing each day and found this adorable little Chore Chart is the white boards.  I put it in my cart and walked around for a bit and then I went and put it back on the shelf because I thought, I'm never going to keep up with this either and it will be a waste of money.  I headed to the checkout and then something in the back of my mind said, "Chanin, go get the Chore Chart.  You can do it!  You will keep up with this if you decide to."  So, I went back and got the chart.

Here it is!
We've been going strong with this chart for 3 weeks now!!  Woo hoo!  It has been a lifesaver!  We had to adapt it a bit for our needs however.  As you can see, each day has an initial on it.  That is the initial of which kid is supposed to do that chore that day.  We didn't do that at first and it was a fight over who HAD to do the chore that day.  I'd hear, "but I did that yesterday" or "it's not my turn" ALL THE TIME!  Well, now there is no arguing about whose turn it is!  They can just look and see. :)  

The stars are magnetic and each kid gets their own color of star and I got my own color, so if I end up having to do their chore, I get a star and I told them, Mommy better not end up with more stars than you or you lose a privilege for the week (iPad, tv, swimming, etc.).  The rewards are 5 Stars - Candy/Gum (because I rarely buy that stuff for them), 9 Stars - Movie (out with mom or dad), 12 Stars - Shopping ($10 limit).  However, I only give rewards out if they get at least 5 stars the next week.  So say this week they earn 9 stars, which is a movie (oh and they only get to choose 1 reward, so not the movie and the candy/gum), then next week they MUST earn 5 stars to collect their movie reward.  If they don't get 5 stars, they don't get the movie AND they lose a privilege!  So, actually their rewards are 2 weeks behind.  But that works for us to keep them on track and working for their rewards. :)

I will update in a future post to let you know how this is going and if we have modified any more!  Have a great Sunday!

Chanin :)

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